Onion Salad

If you’re Asian, or even if you’re not!  You understand the need to have that crunchy, spicy, sour, salty, veggie side dish to accompany all the fatty and greasy goodness we often eat.  You visualize (or at least I do) the oil globules hardening from mixing with all the cold beverages you consume.

OK, back to the point.  Koreans’ number one staple is kimchi (next to rice…or maybe vice versa), but sometimes we don’t always have kimchi in the house (unless you live with your parents).  Hannah shared a yummy onion salad recipe with us that is sure to satisfy every taste bud.  It has every flavor you need: sour, salty, spicy, nutty, and…sweet…like me!  Pfftt.  Just kidding.  I guess I’d be spicy, if I had to choose.  Not saying I’m hot or anything, but anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE spicy food and hot sauces.

Ban’s Onion Salad

  • A lot of vinegar
  • Honey
  • Touch of soy sauce
  • Touch of sesame oil
  • Wasabi

Here are a few different versions by the girls. 

Can you tell which one is the original?

Onion Salad


◦ A lot of vinegar
◦ Honey
◦ Touch of soy sauce
◦ Touch of sesame oil
◦ Wasabi


Slice onions thinly. Add ingredients, and mix.

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  1. you are hot!! love it post!! mucho bueno

  2. I second G’s comment!! hot hot hot!!

  3. Yeah Mrs Hotness. Stop being humble and post some selcas!!!

  4. Hi there!
    For next Sunday, We are marinating some Korean style short ribs. Looking for accompaniments… saw your Onion Salad recipe… sounds good.. Just slice onions and ingredients? Quantities not important? Instructions don’t say more.

    I can visualize and taste it, but any more advice? We are also serving Kimchi, and , for a change vegetable fried rice.

    Thanks for helping

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