Spring Roll Party


{the spread}


{galbi and dweji bulgogi}


{BFF's to-go for her hubby}


{ended the night with kokomyun}

I wish I can rewind to last night’s spring roll party! I invited some of my girls over for dinner, since my hubby is away on business for the week. I can’t rewind, so I might as well blog about it. I had two kinds of meat, galbi and dweji bulgogi (spicy pork). I have a recipe for really good dweji bulgogi here. You must try. But I just bought the pre-marinated kind at the Korean market yesterday, because the prep for spring rolls takes so long! We had another night of fun, as we always manage to do. Of course, we ended the night with something bad after talking about how healthy spring rolls are. I bought a new ramen that just hit the shelves in the US after a lot of hype in Korea. It was OK. You can check out my spring rolls recipe here.

Is anyone else ready for the finale of American Idol tonight??? Go, Philip Phillips!!!

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