EMC Seafood and Raw Bar


{uni pasta}




{dozen oysters}


{lobster rolls}


{fries with truffle mushroom aioli}


{m, g, & j}


{b, s, & moi}

Haven’t updated in a long time, but since people have been asking about my blog recently, I started missing it. Here’s a quick post!

A couple of weeks ago, my GFs and I finally made it out to EMC, the new hot spot right in the heart of my hometown, Ktown. We ordered a good range of dishes: garlic brussels sprouts, fries with truffle mushroom aioli, crispy jalapeno chicken wings, crab cakes, lobster roll, uni pasta, two dozen oysters, ankimo (monkfish liver with garlic ponzu), stewed lemongrass mussels, congee with abalone, wine, wine, champagne, and wine. I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something. Six girls can do a lot of damage!

EMC did NOT disappoint! And we have a few memories to last. :)

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  1. Dear, write something with your photos. I like your pictures. thank u

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