Hey there!

I’m not a cook nor a photographer, and I’m not trying to be either. I am, however, a loving wife, dog mommy, and pharmacy student. One of my biggest passions (besides my #1, the hubby) is food. I cook by very basic means…no crazy tools, no fancy techniques. Same goes for my photography “skills.” I definitely have a lot to learn about all the technicalities and creativity required. For now, the only technique that I have artfully mastered is cooking with a glass of wine in hand and Sex and the City reruns playing in the background. That is my happy place. But my eating skills are well developed, and I really never pass up a yummy opportunity. This blog is simply a way of sharing my food and cooking ventures as well as little bits and spoonfuls of my life as seen through my (sometimes, phone) camera lens.

A few ingredients I can’t live without…

  • Garlic. Mmm…I just love love love garlic, any which way. You can count on me to ignore recipes when it comes to garlic. I usually step it up about 5-10 times depending on the food. You don’t want to overdo it.
  • Jalapeño. I buy pounds at a time. I like to pickle them, eat them raw, and throw them in foods where they don’t belong. My hubby’s stomach has taken a beating from this habit. I’m trying to cut back at bit…just a bit.
  • Onion. You’ll always hear me asking for extra onions wherever I can. Oh, and at Costco?  Hot dogs? Forget about it. You can’t even see my hot dog when I’m done turning that wheel. I use forks to eat my hot dogs.
  • Tabasco & other hot sauces. My friends and family know I can’t eat anything without some spice. Hot stuff rules.
  • Kuma. She’s just about the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. Read more about her here.
  • Hubby AKA MK. He’s my #1 fan and such an amazing person in so many ways…not to mention handsome and tall. He loves doing goofy things to make me laugh. We fit like a two-piece puzzle.

So please bear with me, and I hope you’ll find my blog at least mildly amusing! And always comment, comment, comment! Comments make me happy. Thanks for stopping by!

♥ Cyn

If you would like to tell me what you’re eating or simply say ‘hello’, email me at cyn@cynthiakim.com, or use this form. Talk to you soon!