Aug 11

Pulled Pork Sliders with Mardi Gras Slaw

The pulled pork from the 16-hour smoking session was absolutely glorious.  I couldn’t believe how juicy and tender it was!  Actually, I can, because I’m eating it again as I write this post!  And you can really taste the honey in each bite!  Mmm mmm mmm…

Remember this?  Please hold while I take another bite…

We made little sliders with none other than King’s Hawaiian bread.  If you’re gonna make sliders, might as well take it back to the old school.  That’s how I roll. Get it?

Cut them in half, and spread the love butter.

Toast and watch the butter melt.  Take a giant whiff.  Happiness.

Whip up some Mardi Gras Slaw…so pretty, so yummy.

Top the buttered bottom (that sounds cute) with some pulled pork, coleslaw, and top half of the roll.

Now go wash it down with some frosty beer!

Take one last look.  Lovely.