Dec 11

How to Restore Wilted Lettuce

I hate wasting produce, so I try to incorporate things I have at home into whatever I’m cooking. But it’s inevitable that you’re going to forget about that head of lettuce you have deep in your fridge drawer. Or maybe you used part of it for something, but there still remains the bulk of your lettuce. So when you find yourself disappointed at limp lettuce, don’t throw it away! You can easily revive it with this tip. Of course this only applies to lettuce that has been dehydrated. If your lettuce is looking brown and mushy, well then it’s time for its new home, the trash can.


Place lettuce leaves (not the whole head) in a large bowl, and fill with plenty of ice and water. Let them soak for at least 15 minutes to an hour (the longer the better). Drain and enjoy crisp-again lettuce!

*Tip: I like to use a salad spinner, so that I can lift the interior piece (does it have a name?), drain, and then spin to remove excess water.