Aug 11

Fresh Spring Rolls

One of my besties, Hannah, gave the girls this simple and yummy idea during our recent girls’ trip to Warner Springs.  I don’t know why we never thought of doing this before!  It’s so fresh, tasty, and fun!  It does take some prep time, but what doesn’t, right?

Here is her recipe…literally cut and pasted from her iPhone.


Viet rice wrap (use large bowl of cool water at the table to dip dry rice discs through before adding fillings)
Vermicelli noodles (boiled and cooled)
Fish sauce (dilute w water, lime juice, touch of minced garlic)
Garlic chili sauce

Meats u can use any or all of the following:
Shrimp (just got frozen packs at hk mart)
Spicy dweji bulgogi
Chicken bulgogi

Produce (pick n choose what u like) or use all for a fancy feast:

Sliced Bell pepper
Sliced White onion
Sliced jalapeño
Sliced gehnip
Sliced napa cabbage
Sook joo namool (bean sprout)

Prepped produce looks great arranged around a circular platter with noodles piled in the middle.

Here we go!

I only got the essential veggies.  And by “essential,” I mean the ones that I can’t live without.  First, rinse the easy ones (no knife necessary): sook joo namool AKA mung bean sprouts, cilantro, and mint.  No, I’m not at a pho restaurant.

Chop, chop, chop…OK, so carrots aren’t really one of my essentials, but I just added them for color since I had some sliced up anyways. But the rest are absolutely necessary (again, for me).

Next, the stars of the show: the rice noodles and rice paper wraps.  Zion market in SD didn’t have rice papers…bummer!  So I went to 99 Ranch which is, thankfully, not too far.  I’m glad though, because the selection was way better than what the Korean market here would have carried.  I forgot to snap a shot of the noodles before I tore open the bag.  Oops.

Boil and cool the noodles.  I usually limit my carb intake, but I couldn’t resist for this meal.

Next, prepare the fish sauce.  I don’t like to buy fish sauce that’s been flavored, because you end up buying a bottle that’s 75% water, vinegar and sugar.  So, I bought a bottle of straight fish sauce (be careful…it’s a stinker), and I added a lot of vinegar, some water, brown sugar, chili sauce, and…a…whole…lotta…garlic.  Oh, and I stole some carrots from the veggie prep to make it look like how it comes out at Vietnamese restaurants…except the carrots are thinly shredded at the restaurants.  But whatever.  I’m still fancy.

Now, on to the meats.  You can use any kind of meat, or if you want to keep it veggie-style, you can do that too!  But I’m a meat girl, so I got two kinds.  I normally don’t buy pre-marinated meats at the markets, because I’m pretty sure they use a ton of sugar and other stuff I don’t care for.  But I knew the prep would take too long, so I had to give in to pre-marinated Korean short ribs and spicy pork shoulder. Besides, you’re not eating much meat in quantity, if you think about it.

And there you go!  Oh, forgot to mention…the rice papers are really stiff out of the bag.  You have to dip it in a bowl of water, hence the silver pan of water. But only dip for a couple of seconds, as it’ll continue to soften on your plate!

Gettin’ my first roll on!  Looks like it’s a gonna be a fatty.  I was warned of being greedy and stuffing too much in one roll.  But I’m an overdoer when it comes to food.  Please excuse the ugly disposable plates.

Not bad for my first roll.  It looks kind of messy, since it’s see-though.  At least I garnished it with some mint!  Hubby thought it was the best meal we ever had at home.  Really??  I don’t know how I feel about that comment.

What do you think?  Would you try this at home?