Sep 11

Flying Fish

When in Seattle, one must indulge in oysters. Harold took us to Flying Fish for drinks and oysters. He planned dinner elsewhere…but more on that later. We had two non-oyster fans, but after trying them here, they were converted. In fact, one of them went for thirds, and the other went for oysters a couple days later (I saw on Facebook).

We ordered the sampler, and I wish I could remember what kinds they were! But the best part was the mignonette sorbet…yes, that pretty pink slushy centerpiece. I’ve had mignonette before but never in sorbet form! I could have eaten that just by itself!

We were pleasantly surprised when the waiter pointed out that Sundays were Half-Price Wine Night! Every bottle on their wine list was 50% off! How awesome is that??

Scallop and sea bean salad, morel mushrooms, orange glaze. Very delicious. I’m an unconditional lover of scallops.

Thai crab cake,┬ácitrus salad, lemongrass aioli. Very crabby…taste buds approved.

What’s wrong with this picture?

A friend had placed his wine glass on the table, and it broke! It was the weirdest thing. He didn’t even slam it. My hubby joked to the waiter, “Excuse me, his glass is dirty.” The waiter was not amused.

In the end, we had a great time! Oysters were the star of the show. No dinner here…we went somewhere else for that. That’s how we roll.